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EU - Alterac valley sunday.

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The truth
I want to bring your attention to the following.
The 20-29 bracket some weeks ago was qeueing AV every sunday at 5pm. Some weeks we got many pops in one night.
Last two weeks we have not been able to force a pop.
The two main reasons for this is because of 1: people are not spreading the word enough and letting eachother know av pops are possible in the 20-29 bracket.
The other reason is the dominance of horde in av, alliance players are discouraged to play because of their low winratio in AV.

I call upon people in the EU 20-29 community to play and promote AV sunday at 5pm. Create groups on alliance and qeue, Although i prefer to play horde period, i also qeue alliance for AV.

Hopefully we can create more AV pops in the future.

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